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Once we become established and respected allies with "The Others" and are allowed planetary visitation, what's your go to alien cuisine?

May 15th 2021 at 18:30

I will probably go for the tasseled wobblegongs as an appetizer, following a delicious seared and spiced levanosaurus with Cape Cando sticklefish sauce, accompanied with your finest glass of half distilled bleamberry sap.

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Will tomorrow's 60 Minutes episode be streaming live anywhere?

May 15th 2021 at 16:46

I have internet but no TV service. I'd like to catch it live.

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What's with all the brand new accounts debunking UFOs?

May 15th 2021 at 15:08

Has anyone else noticed this? I've also noticed an interesting trend with QAnon-type accounts really pushing a certain narrative. They always come from guns subs or r/conspiracy or r/stopthesteal or some shit. To wit: some of the most vociferous and recent commenters all have accounts created in the last month.

I understand that the uptick in news stories will invite a lot of new voices. However, we should all be diligent about influence campaigns.

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I'm happy to be alive right now

May 15th 2021 at 10:27

I am genuinely amazed at the amount of credible footage of simply incredible things.

What a time to be alive.

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Anonymous claimed "DOD will launch 1st phase of phony campaign this year" hrs before all the new video drops

A redditor on the High Strangeness sub posted a link to a strange post on the Get This Off My Chest sub. The post seems to be from a throwaway living in Arlington, and was made half a day before all the new vid releases.


"(self.offmychest) submitted by Arlintony

For the past twenty years, the US Navy and Airforce, anticipating fleet-on-fleet friction with China, have been developing a bevy of spoofing technologies. These started out as shipboard electronic warfare systems, and then morphed into moving grids or networks comprised of aircraft, surface ships, and submarines.

These networks are capable of creating or projecting moving signatures, which a target's integrated sensors accept as genuine. The Navy originally intended to use such technologies to create what it dubbed "duppy fleets" - false, spectral fleets which would lure an enemy's own fleet into pursuit, or mislead enemy aircraft altogether - but sensor/surveillance/satellite/reconnaissance advancements over the past few decades have led to such tactics having little real-world benefit.

Instead, or increasingly, these projects then started being used along other lines, thanks largely to companies like Northrop (who developed a new generation of aerial drones in the 1960s) and General Atomics (who pioneered a new generation of remotely piloted vehicles in the mid 1990s) developing unmanned, high-speed drones. By the early 2000s, we had at least a half dozen major contractors producing cutting edge drones, and at least 2 US submarines fitted to launch these while submerged. These would later be tied to electronics warfare platforms (the Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature Program, the Long Endurance Advanced Off-board Electronic Warfare Platform etc) and wedded to the latest generation of sensor/electronic-warfare suites (SLQ-59, EA18G, the "slick 32" SEWIP etc).

What these new "networks" allow for is a group of drones to be launched under an enemy fleet's nose. One (or more) of these then goes active, and is then tagged and catalogued by the enemy as an aircraft or anomaly. Aircraft or ships are then dispatched to investigate. What is typically found when arriving at the target's location is either nothing - the drones are small and easily missed, capable of crash diving and capable of sensor jamming - or a new signature suddenly several miles away, this time being emitted from a different drone on the grid. The pursing aircraft and boats are then rushed to this new location.

What this essentially leads to is a realistic-looking false signature "jumping across the ocean" and "toying with pursuers" (as one report describes it), conveying the impression of a rapidly moving single aircraft. If a drone manages to be directly encountered after it has gone dark, it appears as a motionless lozenge.

While such technologies are primarily being used to gauge enemy response times, and document enemy response procedures, the ultimate end goal is to use them in direct skirmishes and combat. Drones working in computer-controlled concert can effortlessly lure enemy missiles, distract aircraft, and draw fire away from anti-ship missiles. Such technologies give the US Navy almost total superiority versus a modern fleet equipped with the latest electronic surveillance (though historically such tech tends to merely incentivize your enemy into employing low-tech or no-tech means of opposing you).

Regardless, various US Departments are about to start using UFOs (or UAPs) as a cover story for new drone networks. Like the "black triangle UFO" tales which prefigured stealth and spy-plane breakthroughs in the past, we will see a rise in stories about "tic tacs" (grey-white submarine released drones) with "remarkable speeds" (multiple drones winking in and out of "sensor sight" to convey the illusion of great distances being covered) and capable of "remarkable maneuvers" (they can out fly aircraft, but most can't out pace one, and many have preset maneuvers which see them going dark after rapidly bee-lining for a pursuer's engine wash).

These UAP/UFO tales will be used for disinformation purposes, and presumably to secure funding. It is unlikely that any major superpower seriously believes them; nations like Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom have always viewed "UFO reports" as a game of counter, counter, counter espionage.

While spoofing networks and new drone technologies do not explain all strange aerial phenomenon, they are behind the recent rise in Navy encounters with such craft, more of which will be "revealed" soon. I am a fairly low ranking employee, but my job requires me to collate information, and puts me into first hand contact with certain material, which makes the aforementioned obvious.

I doubt anyone will read this, and doubt anyone is interested, but there are not many channels available to me to convey this information without opening myself up to scrutiny."

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