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Yesterday β€” May 8th 2021The UFO reddit

What if the aliens are actually trying to protect us?

Some people claim that they can turn on and off nuclear weapons and shit to instigate war but what if they do this so we dont blow ourselves up? Maybe they stick around nuclear testinc etc just to make sure everything is ok

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Anybody have any good Youtube suggested channels or podcasts that do analysis and debunk the most infamous UFO / Alien hoaxes?

For example, I saw a channel of a guy where he shows a ton of research debunking Lazar and it was about an hour-long video.

I'm looking for more of these types of channels.


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How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously

May 8th 2021 at 15:07

This is an article from The New Yorker last week by Gideon Lewis Kraus. It provides quite a bit of insight and name drops most of the main players who seek disclosure. It consumed most of yesterdays lunch hour and was a thoroughly gripping read. I totally recommend this read.

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UK Sighting over multiple years

May 8th 2021 at 14:10

Staffordshire - Midlands, UK Approx 1996

I lived in a small village growing up and our house was connected to woodland and pasture farmland extending from the rear garden to a rise on the back field which gave views over the village and beyond.

My Father, my brother and I took our Dalmatian for a walk, usual run around, around the perimeter of the field, past the oak trees and up to the rise.. when we got to the top of the rise we all stopped and saw this -clear as day- half oval shaped object glinting in the sun.. it was perfectly smooth and metallic with the sun glinting of its exterior, no movement and just hanging there.. it was maybe 500meters up and overhead. We just stood and stared at it. Totally cloudless day, bright sunshine. We watched until it literally disappeared in front of our eyes.. I ran back to the house feeling totally terrified and told my mother and grandma in the kitchen who thought I was making things up and then my Father and brother returned and both of them told them exactly the same story!!

Then when I was a little older, maybe early 2000’s.. an older lady who lived a few doors down from us, her house also backed onto our field; She called my Father saying that the previous night she had woken up, gone to the bathroom (which was an old cottage privy at the end of her garden) in the early hours of the morning. As she walked out she can see the field and what looks like several torch lights moving around in the field.. worried, she continued watching but the lights came together and swirled over the field for several minutes until they moved together in a circle towards the woods backing our house and instead of moving through the lifted up and rose over the woodland and disappeared!!!

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Supposedly big news is coming this month on UAPs, according to Lue Elizondo...

What are people's opinions on what this news is going to be? Lue makes it pretty clear the news will be wild and possibly hard to swallow. I believe it's going to be along the lines of an announcement that intelligent life in the universe, or even here on earth that we didn't know about, has been discovered. What do you think?

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Did aliens tell a redditor about bending/warping space time?

I had never seen the post by u/Throawaylien until the other day but I can't get this point out of my head. In light of some (valid, as in, from serious scientific minds not just conjecture) theories being thrown around to explain how they got here, this quote really stands out. When they talk about "close to the side" are they talking about bending space-time?

Their planet is, so they told me anyway, a very long way away. They couldn't explain to me how far, they said, because it was too far for me to understand and it was also "close to the side". I have no idea what that meant, but it's always stuck with me. Home is "Too far away for you to understand, but also close to the side."

A lot of things about this report fall into the 'typical' things that people say, that someone yanking our chain might have read elsewhere or seen in a movie or been just the product of a fertile imagination. That statement is an odd one to add IMO, and I don't know why someone would make it up as it adds/explains nothing in the context that we were discussing this 7 years ago. Yet this poster says it stuck with him/her like it was an important point.

I guess July is coming up shortly lol so we'll see.

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Some holes in Nick Popes story

Pope claims that in 1990 two hikers in Scotland took six very clear photographs of a diamond shaped UFO being flanked or intercepted by a couple of military jets.

The people who took the pictures then supposedly sent them along with the negatives to a Scottish newspaper.

That’s the first part of his story that doesn’t add up. If I or most people took clear photographs of a UFO I may well send copies of the photographs to a newspaper but I’d keep duplicates and I defiantly would keep the negatives. There seems no good reason to send the negatives to a newspaper IMO and it already makes the story sound highly suspect.

Then we have the two witnesses who took the photographs..where are they and why were they willing to contact the media but have gone off radar ever since. Also wouldn’t Pope remember or have their names on an MOD file? So it’s another inconsistency.

Then we have the unnamed Scottish newspaper. Why is it unnamed? Because again Pope should know the name of it as he supposedly has access to the file on this case.

Most of all though..if a newspaper receives pictures of a UFO, what it does is it writes up the story and prints it. It doesn’t however contact the ministry of Defence first and then allows the MOD to confiscate all the evidence. That is not how news papers work.

So what is exactly going on here with Pope and his story? If there is any truth to any of it then this would be the more plausible explanation.

Hikers took the pictures and sent them without the negatives to a newspaper and that newspaper printed the story.

The MOD then got wind of the story and knew that the pictures were of a top secret vehicle. My guess is they have a team who scoured all the daily papers before they go to print or something like that Incase sensitive material ends up in print.

The MOD then contacted the hikers and demanded the negatives too.

Because Popes version of reality doesn’t add up.

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META: r/UFOs and tribalism

The Phenomenon is perhaps one of the most mysterious, yet complicated subject humans have ever discussed.

I believe that in order to find the truth effectively, working together as a community, it is critical we all remain objective;

This means being open to all possibilities, all the time and accepting new theories as they develop; not being blinded by a subjective personal agenda. This is hard.

I believe a lot of toxicity and in-fighting within this subreddit comes from the fact that everyone is defending their ’tribe’;

  • Black budget programs (our tech)
  • Foreign adversaries
  • Ultra-terrestrials
  • Extra-terrestrials
  • Prosaic explanations
  • Something else we don’t yet understand or can perceive

I personally want to believe in the E.T hypothesis.

You don’t have to choose ONE; you should be be open to all.

We are a community looking for the truth, in this together. Accept all possibilities.

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