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PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

May 6th 2021 at 12:07
Evaluations of DoD's Actions Re UAP (Heading)  - Inspector General 5-3-2021

SUBJECT: Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (Project No. D2021-DEV0SN-0116.000)
     We plan to begin the subject evaluation in May 2021. The objective of this evaluation is to determine the extent to which the DoD has taken actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). We may revise the objective as the evaluation proceeds, and we will consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives.
By Inspector General
Department of Defense

We will perform the evaluation at the Offices of the Secretary of Defense, Military Services, Combatant Commands, Combat Support Agencies, Defense Agencies, and the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations. We may identify additional locations during the evaluation.

Please provide us with a point of contact for the evaluation within 5 days of the date of this memorandum. The point of contact should be a Government employee or Military Service Member—a GS-15, pay band equivalent, or the military equivalent. Send the contact’s name, title, grade/pay band, phone number, and e-mail address to [REDACTED].

You can obtain information about the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General from DoD Directive 5106.01, “Inspector General of the Department of Defense (IG DoD),” April 20, 2012, as amended; and DoD Instruction 7050.03, “Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense Access to Records and Information,” March 22, 2013. Our website is

If you have any questions, please contact [REDACTED].
Randolph R. Stone
Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations
Space, Intelligence, Engineering, and Oversight
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'UFO' Photographed Over Worcester

May 3rd 2021 at 11:33
'UFO' spotted over Worcester 5-1-21

A CITY resident claimed he spotted a ‘UFO’ hovering over his garden over the weekend.
      David Whittall claims the ‘UFO’ was above his garden in Spetchley on Saturday morning and described it as ‘the weirdest thing he has ever seen.’

By Jemma Bufton
He said: “My wife Becky was in the garden around 8.40am on Sunday morning and she called me out to say she could see something overhead.

“I managed to get some photos and video using my phone which fortunately has a decent zoom on its camera. Read more »

Frmr Senator Harry Reid Told – Lockheed Martin Possesses UFO Material

May 3rd 2021 at 03:01
Frmr Senator Harry Told – Lockheed Martin Possesses UFO Material


     When I asked Reid about the confusion, ... He left no doubt in our conversation as to his personal assessment. “I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials,” he said. “And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They
By Gideon Lewis-Kraus
The New Yorker
would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me.” He told me that the Pentagon had not provided a reason. I asked if that was why he’d requested SAP status for AATIP. He said, “Yeah, that’s why I wanted them to take a look at it. But they wouldn’t give me the clearance.” (A representative of Lockheed Martin declined to comment for this article.) Read more »

UFOs Disabled Our Nuclear Capability, Pentagon Officer and Senator Say

April 29th 2021 at 03:01
UFOs Disabled Our Nuclear Capability, Pentagon Officer and Senator Say

     U.S. nuclear missile facilities have been compromised, even disabled, during incidents where UFOs appeared over highly secure military installations according to a former U.S. senator
By Mysterywire
and an intelligence officer who previously acted as the director of a once-secret Pentagon investigation of UFO incidents.

Lue Elizondo, a career intelligence officer who abruptly resigned from his Department of Defense assignments in 2017, shared this information days ago during a news conference arranged at the request of several major news organizations. Read more »

The Military Takes UFOs Seriously, Why Not Silicon Valley or Academia

April 27th 2021 at 03:01
The Military Takes UFOs Seriously, Why Not Silicon Valley or Academia

The government wants to know if these unidentified objects pose a military threat. But they also represent an opportunity to advance science and technology.

     In our era of life-changing innovation, there are major breakthroughs that could well come from the serious study of a phenomenon we too often mock: UFOs. The government has reversed its official position of publicly ignoring UAPs
By Rizwan Virk
NBC News
(unidentified aerial phenomenon, the new trendy name for UFOs) and is starting to tackle the subject openly. But within academia and industry, the topic is still too frequently dismissed with a chuckle accompanied by some trite remark about “extraterrestrials.” Read more »

UFO Expert To Crack Bonnybridge 'Alien' Mystery

April 24th 2021 at 12:25
UFO Expert To Crack Bonnybridge 'Alien' Mystery

Malcom and local councillor Billy Buchanan hit the headlines back then with their investigations into [UFO] sightings around Bonnybridge.
     A paranormal expert has returned to Scotland in a bid to shed fresh light on a decades old UFO mystery.​

Malcom Robinson, of Strange Phenomena Investigations, has
By Jon Hebditch
The Daily Record
lived south of the border in England for 23 years but has now returned to his homeland looking to 'continue where he left off' in 1998.

Malcolm and local councillor Billy Buchanan hit the headlines back then with their investigations into sightings around Bonnybridge.

The pair appealed to four prime ministers- David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major- calling for an urgent probe into what was happening in the skies above the sleepy town. Read more »

UFO Expert Debunks Navy Pyramid-Shaped UFOs

April 23rd 2021 at 03:01
Pyramid Shaped UFOs Are Bokehs

     A renowned UFO investigator claims to have debunked the US Navy footage of pyramid-shaped objects flying off the coast of California — saying it “in every way matches a plane.”


By Steven Greenstreet and Jackie Salo
“What we’ve got to go with here is the simplest explanation and really the simplest explanation is that it’s just a plane. It moves like a plane, it acts like a plane,” West told The Post. Read more »

Is The Pyramid UFO Nothing More Then a 'Lens Aberration'?

April 22nd 2021 at 03:01
Pyramid Shaped UFOs Are Bokehs

     I suspect these are camera artifacts of mundane objects - specifically stars and a plane (the "flasher"). In the video there are two "pyramid" shapes on the left. The flasher moves towards them in exactly the same way planes move across the sky.
By Mick West
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Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada

April 21st 2021 at 11:24
Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada
VICE World News has uncovered dozens of recent UFO reports from Air Canada, WestJet, Porter, and other airlines in a government aviation incident database.

     On the morning of May 30, 2016, an Air Canada Express flight from Montreal to Toronto reported it had “crossed an unidentified flying object, round in shape, flying at an approximate speed of 300kts,” or more than 550 km/h. Over
By Daniel Otis
8,000 feet above Lake Ontario on Nov. 14 of that year, two crew members were injured when a Porter Airlines plane dove to avoid hitting an “object” that “appeared to be solid… and shaped like an upright doughnut or inner tube.” Read more »

UFO Images are Real, Pentagon Confirms

April 20th 2021 at 03:01
UFO Images are Real, Pentagon Confirms
Recent Military UFO Encounters Remain a Mystery To Officials

     This week, multiple photographs and a video, was “leaked” to the general public by George Knapp at and Jeremy Corbell from The Pentagon has now confirmed to The Black Vault via e-mail, that the
By John Greenewald
The Black Vault
photos and videos leaked this week, all were taken by Navy personnel. Read more »

'UFO Detector' Disarmed by Police

April 16th 2021 at 11:26
'UFO Detector' Disarmed by Police

A so-called "UFO Detector Site" was found by New Jersey State Park Police, and was "disarmed" by unplugging headphone wires from the block of wood as well as the soup can they were plugged into.

     A so-called "UFO Detector Site" was found in Wharton State Forest on Saw Dust Pile Road in Tabernacle Township on Friday, the New Jersey State Park Police said in a Facebook post. A detective unit and a K-9 unit were both sent to check out the device, and a member of the k-9 unit named Prime determined the device to be safe.
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Prince Philip's Lifelong Interest in UFOs – or 'Flying Saucers'

April 15th 2021 at 16:44
Prince Philip's Lifelong Interest in UFOs – or 'Flying Saucers'

Prince Philip: The Royal Flying Saucerer

     The death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99 on 9 April has resulted in a flurry of tributes and obituaries. But so far none of the extensive media coverage has mentioned the Duke’s lifelong interest in UFOs – or “flying saucers“.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, Admiral of the Fleet, is probably the best known British establishment figure who had publicly expressed his fascination with flying saucers and UFOs.

His interest reached its peak during the first wave of public
David Clarke
By David Clarke
interest in the subject, between 1950-55 and declined during his time as Chief of Defence Staff at MoD from 1959-63.

Prince Philip in Canada - 1951
Prince Philip during a tour of Canada in 1951 when his interest in flying saucers was at its height (Credit: Wikipedia)
But Mountbatten shared his early fascination with with his nephew Prince Philip who served in the Royal Navy during WW2 and married Princess Elizabeth in 1947. He became Duke of Edinburgh in 1952 when his wife became Queen Elizabeth II following the death of King George VI.

During this time both men were subscribers to the magazine Flying Saucer Review and according to its editor Gordon Creighton since its inception in 1955 copies have been sent to Buckingham Palace.

RAF Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley (1921-2001) who was equerry to the Duke from 1952–5 wrote that during this period, much like Mountbatten:
“Prince Philip was open to the immense possibilities of new technology leading to space exploration, while at the same time not discounting that, just as we were on the fringe of breaking out into space, so other older civilisations in the universe might already have done so.”
Horsley’s autobiography Sounds From Another Room (1998) reveals how reports of flying saucers were enthusiastically discussed at Buckingham Palace throughout his time as equerry.

In 2000 he told us that Prince Philip ‘agreed that I could investigate the more credible reports [of flying saucers] provided I kept it all in perspective and did not involve his office in any kind of publicity or sponsorship.’

    Sir Peter Horsley, Prince Philip’s former equerry who      investigated UFO reports for the Duke, 1952-55,            interviewed by the author at his home in Hampshire      2000 (Copyright David Clarke)
As a result of his position in the RAF, Horsley was given ‘carte blanche to read any reports and interview pilots.’

He told us that he had arranged in 1952, with the Duke’s personal approval, for RAF Fighter Command to send copies of the latest ‘flying saucer’ reports made by aircrew for examination at Buckingham Palace.

During our meeting at his home in Hampshire he provided documentary evidence of his investigations, including papers from the informal study he conducted for Prince Philip. Horsley said the originals were now part of the Royal Archives.

Perhaps the strangest outcome of this inquiry was Peter Horsley’s role in inviting a number of flying saucer witnesses to discuss their experiences at Buckingham Palace.

These included the captain of a BOAC airliner, James Howard, who had reported, along with other crew members and passengers, a formation of UFOs while flying over the North Atlantic in June 1954. Another visitor was schoolboy Stephen Darbishire who had taken two photographs of a ‘saucer’ above Coniston in February of that year.

During our interview with Sir Peter Horsley, shortly before his death in 2001, he explained his reason for inviting UFO witnesses to the Palace was partly to ‘put them on the spot’ and test their honesty in the presence of royalty, a method as effective as any truth serum.

Sir Peter told us the sincerity of the RAF and civilian witnesses he interviewed was evident and this led him to conclude that UFOs were a real and unexplained phenomenon.

But he was less impressed by the burgeoning UFO movement and what he described as ‘the growing body of people promoting sightings for mercenary reasons or self-advertisement.’

Memo To Prince Philip Re Flying Saucer Sighitng 12-6-1954
A confidential memo from Peter Horsley to Prince Philip in 1954 reporting on his inquiries into a UFO sighting by a RAF fighter pilot, James Salandin (Copyright Dr David Clarke)

Among these less than objective influences he included Desmond Leslie, who was on friendly terms with General Sir Frederick ‘Boy’ Browning. The General, who was the husband of author Daphne de Maurier, led the British airborne forces during the disastrous Operation Market Garden in 1943.

In retirement Browning became a private secretary to the Queen and like other former military officers became fascinated by flying saucers. But Browning went further than any other establishment figure by taking seriously the claims of those who said they had met the space people.

This situation came to a head in 1959 when a plot was hatched to engineer a meeting between Prince Philip and the famous Polish-American author and mystic George Adamski. Adamski had co-authored the 1953 best-seller Flying Saucers Have Landed with Desmond Leslie. The book contained his personal account of a meeting with the Venusian pilot of a ‘scout-ship’ that landed the Mojave Desert of California and communicated with Adamski by telepathy. According to his account the space people wished to warn us of the impending threat posed by nuclear weapons in future warfare.

Adamski’s message combined old-fashioned spiritualism with the new craze for seeing flying saucers and this appealed to many who feared for the future of planet Earth, including some members of European royalty.

In April of 1959 Adamski embarked on a European lecture tour that included an audience with the Dutch royal family. Shortly before the 68-year-old contactee arrived in London Desmond Leslie wrote to both Browning and the Duke, enclosing a personal invitation for them to meet Adamski, in strict secrecy if necessary.

The Duke immediately realised the danger this would place him in and he annotated Leslie’s letter with the words ‘Not on your Nellie!’ And in a note to Browning he added: ‘He may not be a crank but he’s a bit too fanciful for me!’ (Sir Peter Horsley, personal communication 2000).

Nevertheless both General Browning and Peter Horsley met Leslie and Adamski during his visit at a private address in London.

Horsley told us was not impressed by either. He felt that Desmond Leslie was ‘probably sincere but gullible, sucked into the saucer cult by people who hoped to profit from it such as Adamski’ and he warned Browning against having any further contact with them.

Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands also met Adamski and at a press conference in The Hague on 20 May when he made the bold claim that the British royal family were keen to meet him and that ‘Prince Philip so far has been the most interested.’

This summary is an extract from my 2007 book with Andy Roberts: Flying Saucerers: a social history of UFOlogy (Heart of Albion Press).


Envelope - Letter To David Clarke Fraom Buckingham Palace 6-28-17

 In 2017 I wrote to Prince Philip to ask if his ‘flying saucer’ file had been preserved in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. I said there was considerable public interest in its contents and in particular the private study of the subject, completed on the Duke’s behalf, by Peter Horsley in 1955.

On 27 June Prince Philip’s private secretary, Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell, responded, after a lengthy delay: “I am afraid that extensive searches have not yielded any papers that would be of help to your research. This letter comes with His Royal Highness’s best wishes.”

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Did the Navy Film 'Triangular Shaped' UFOs?

April 12th 2021 at 12:35
Did the Navy Film Pyramid Shaped UFOs?

     On May 1st 2020 a classified briefing was generated about the UFO / UAP presence, via the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Those familiar with the briefing articulated to me that the goal was to de-stigmatize the UAP problem and to promote more intelligence collection regarding UAP incursions and
By Jeremy Corbell
encounters with active military deployments. This UAP briefing was a build-on to a previous ONI briefing, generated October 18th 2019. Both were distributed across a wide range of intelligence networking platforms (such as SIPRNet, JWICS and various Intelink systems).


- The USS Russell observed and recorded multiple “pyramid” shaped craft (see below image and video). Read more »

New Photos of Recent Military UFO Encounters Remain a Mystery To Officials

April 11th 2021 at 03:01
Recent Military UFO Encounters Remain a Mystery To Officials
New photographs obtained by Mystery Wire show different shaped objects.

     Military and intelligence officials say they remain baffled by unusual, unidentified aircraft that have been encountered in recent years off both coasts of the United States.

By George Knapp
The Mystery Wire
Many of the objects have been referred to as drones, but that is not what Pentagon investigators have been telling the chain of command behind the scenes.

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UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile Silos (Golf Launch Facility) – 1965

April 5th 2021 at 13:30
UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile Silo (Golf Launch Facility)


     b. Reported from Hotel Launch facility and observed by nine military personnel with the aid of binoculars.

(1). The first sighting was of an object the size of a star which appeared to the Southeast and traveled Westward, disappearing to the Southwest. Object was at 20,000 feet, very fast, and reappeared at four 25 minute intervals on the same course.

By Department of The Air Force
Headquarters 90th Strategic Missile Wing (SAC)
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

(2). The second sightings were to the North of the observation point. Object was slightly less than the size of a pea but appeared slightly larger with each successive sighting. Resembled a luminous glow, white to yellowish in front, semi-circular in shape, and the last two sightings appeared to have a trailing white glow. Read more »

“… Better for National Security If These UAPs Turn Out to be ETs”

April 2nd 2021 at 13:22
“… Better for National Security If These UAPs Turn Out to be ETs”

We need to talk about UFOs again


     The Pentagon went further in August 2020, announcing the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force. Beyond developing a new abbreviation that is less loaded than UFO, the Pentagon explained, “The mission of the task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security.”
By Daniel W. Drezner
The Washington Post

Then, 10 days ago, former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe went on Fox News and made a whole bunch of claims about what the U.S. intelligence community knew about UAPs, including that a Pentagon report would soon be released revealing even more information....
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Spy Agencies Blocking Data, UFO Report To Congress Will Be Delayed?

March 31st 2021 at 15:13
Spy Agencies Blocking Data, UFO Report To Congress Will Be Delayed

     The truth may be out there. But don't expect the feds to share what they know anytime soon on the recent spate of UFO sightings.

By Bryan bender
Some military and spy agencies are blocking or simply ignoring the effort to catalog what they have on "unidentified aerial phenomenon," according to multiple current and former government officials. And as a result, the Biden administration will likely delay a much-anticipated public report to Congress. Read more »

UFO Lands Near Missile Base; Affects Radio Transmissions - Strike Team Dispatched!

March 28th 2021 at 03:01
Saucer Drawing Carpio Grano Missle Field (Minot) 8-24-1966

     Capt. Smith (Missile Combat Crew Commander) on duty at Missile Site (MIKE Flt) sixty (60) feet underground indicated that radio transmission was being interrupted by static, this static was accompanied by the UFO coming close to the Missile Site
By Air Force
HQ Minot AFB
(MIKE Flt). When UFO climbed, static stopped. The UFO appeared to be S.E. of MIKE 6, range undetermined. At 0512Z, UFO climbed for altitude after hovering for 15 minutes. South radar base gave altitude at 100,000 feet, N.W. of Minot AFB, NDak. At this time a Strike Team reported UFO descending, checked with Radar Site, they also verified this. The UFO then began to swoop and dive. It then appeared to land 10 to 15 miles South of MIKE 6. "MIKE 6" Missile Site Control sent a Strike Team to check. When the team was about 10 miles from the landing site, static disrupted radio contact with them. Five (5) to eight (8) minutes later, the glow diminished and the UFO took off. Another UFO was visually sighted and confirmed by radar. The one that was first sighted passed beneath the second. Radar also confirmed this. The first, made for altitude towards the North and the second seemed to disappear with the glow of red. A3C SEDOVIC at the South Radar base confirmed this also. At 0619Z, two and one half (2 1/2) hours after the first sighting, and F-106 interceptor was sent up. No contact or sighting was established. The Control Tower asked the Aircraft Commander of the KC-135 which was flying in the local area to check the area. He reported nothing. The Radar Site picked up an echo on radar which on checking was the KC-135. No other sightings. At 0645Z discontinued search for UFO. Read more »

UFOs Engage Navy War Ships (Again) FOIAs Reveal

March 27th 2021 at 03:01
UFOs Engage Navy War Ships (Again) FOIAs Reveal

     Documentary filmmaker, Dave Beaty—executive produced, researched and directed the film, The Nimitz Encounters, a most needed, topnotch, sober documentary on UFO related events involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group while conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises off the coast of California in 2004. Arguably, these UFO engagements will be marked as one of the most significant events in the history of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon both in scope, as well as how it helped reshape the government/military’s stance on same.
Frank Warren
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Dave’s fervor specific to Naval UFO encounters and the publicity garnered by the film keep him active in UFO/UAP research and last year, via social media, detailed in an exposé by Danny Silva—he announced that he had received the deck logs from the USS Kidd for the previous year (2019); therein he found mention of a Snoopie Team, (an “intelligence detail that tries to identify unknown ships and aircraft that come within the visual range of the ship”) and a UAVS (Unidentified Aerial Vehicle):
USS Kidd Deck Log (Snippet) 7-30-2019

Additionally, David cited a Navy Vet, to whom he speaks very highly of in regards to the latter’s friend on the USS KIDD in 2019 who stated:
“I know he said he could see them with the naked eye and they were almost eye level with the bridge hovering. They were the same tic-tac shaped objects.” [emphasis added]
So, here it would seem, 15 years after the Nimitz Encounters we have yet another similar UFO/UAP situation, involving US warships; in the same vicinity and like UFOs as reported in 2004.

Dave’s research and announcements caught the eye of Tyler Rogoway over at The War Zone, and he picked up the baton in a big way. Rogoway and company got on the FOIA bandwagon and struck gold. He writes:
“The following is our own investigation into these events, during which we discovered these events were far more extensive in scale than previously understood.”
Read more »