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Yesterday — May 8th 2021UFO & EXTRA

The New Yorker's Credulous Article on Pentagon UFOs - Part 1

On April 30 the normally serious New Yorker has dropped a very misleading article titled How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously. (UFO author Leslie Kean says that work on this story "has been underway for months," which is quite surprising!)

The article is illustrated by a "classic" UFO photo, described as "Four mysterious objects spotted in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1952." It is almost certainly just a reflection of lights in a window.

This article by Gideon Lewis-Kraus boldly begns, "On May 9, 2001, Steven M. Greer took the lectern at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of the truth about unidentified flying objects." In pursuit of the truth, no less! Because Lewis-Kraus had only a few months to research this article, he apparently had no opportunity to learn that serious UFOlogists, both skeptic and not, consider Greer to be a yarn-spinning money grubber whose credibility is zilch. Greer once even claimed to have an 'alien familiar' named Bijoux

Steven Greer offers the opportunity to spend six days with him mentally communicating with UFOs, for a mere $3,472. However, anyone displaying "negative attitudes toward these interstellar visitors will be asked to leave."

 After recounting the exploits of the mighty Dr. Greer, still in pursuit of the truth, we learn,
Among the other speakers was Clifford Stone, a retired Army sergeant, who purported to have visited crash sites and seen aliens, both dead and alive. Stone said that he had catalogued fifty-seven species, many of them humanoid. 

Again, in his rush to prepare the article Lewis-Kraus didn't have time to discover the fact that the wild tales of Clifford Stone are soundly rejected by most serious UFO researchers

The principal Hagiography in this piece is that of Leslie Kean. Lewis-Kraus portrays Kean as "stand[ing] apart from the ufological mainstream," which is pure bollocks. Kean is down in the UFOlogical mud, wrestling with the rest of us. She has a best-selling book from 2010, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record,” whose credibility, like that of most UFO books, is pretty bad. He tells us that Kean's apartment is "a tranquil space decorated with a Burmese Buddha and bowls of pearlescent seashells." 

Lewis-Kraus mentions only in passing that Kean's "latest project examines the controversial scholarship on the possibility of consciousness after death." Actually, it's much worse than that. Leslie Kean has gone full woo-woo on the subject of ghosts and spirit manifestations. She insists that she has "absolutely no doubt, not one iota," that a spirit manifested and touched her while she was attending a seance:

In May, 2019, I experienced a full form materialization in a seance with Stewart [Alexander]. His communicator Dr. Barnett, who normally speaks in independent voice, walked out of the cabinet, stood in front of me and touched my hair. He then placed both his large hands on top of my head, bouncing them up and down for about a minute and a half. (That’s a long time). These were solid “living” hands. He spoke in his recognizable voice. “I just wanted to let you know that I am a solid human being,” he said. He then returned to the cabinet and disappeared.

We read how Kean's intense interest in UFOs began in 1999 when she was sent a copy of a ninety-page French report referred to as "COMETA." (This account is also in her book.) Prepared by "a dozen retired French generals, scientists, and space experts," she "was certain, though, that anyone given access to the French report’s data and conclusions would understand why she had dropped everything else." (They didn't.) However, others, more experienced in the crazy world of UFOlogy, reached other conclusions. John Alexander, who was involved in Pentagon ESP experiments and is surely no skeptic, described the COMETA report as “an embarrassment… unsubstantiated data from questionable sources” in his book UFOs Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities (p. 218-20). No such doubts occurred to Ms. Kean. who seems quite certain  that the government is hiding something really big from us concerning UFOs, although she professes (a bit disingenuously) to be agnostic on the question of whether they are extraterrestrial.

 In this very long article, Lewis-Kraus tries to give us a summary of UFOlogy's Greatest Hits, its Golden Oldies such as the Airship sightings of 1896-97, Kenneth Arnold, the Washington, DC incidents of 1952, the Robertson Panel, J. Allen Hynek, the Condon Report, etc. etc. I guess the purpose of all this is to show that UFO sightings and UFO controversies have been around for a long time. 

(To Be Continued in Part 2).


What if the aliens are actually trying to protect us?

May 8th 2021 at 18:16

Some people claim that they can turn on and off nuclear weapons and shit to instigate war but what if they do this so we dont blow ourselves up? Maybe they stick around nuclear testinc etc just to make sure everything is ok

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Anybody have any good Youtube suggested channels or podcasts that do analysis and debunk the most infamous UFO / Alien hoaxes?

May 8th 2021 at 18:04

For example, I saw a channel of a guy where he shows a ton of research debunking Lazar and it was about an hour-long video.

I'm looking for more of these types of channels.


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L'étude bizarre de la vie sur Mars affirme que des champignons extraterrestres poussent sur la planète rouge

Dans d'autres cas, les chercheurs ont comparé les photos de la NASA des «spécimens martiens» aux puffballs ici sur Terre, affirmant avec confiance que ce sont vraiment la vraie affaire.

Les chercheurs ont écrit dans leur étude: "Il est bien établi qu'une variété d'organismes terrestres survivent à des conditions semblables à celles de Mars."

"Étant donné la probabilité, la Terre a ensemencé Mars avec la vie et la vie a été transférée à plusieurs reprises entre les mondes, il serait surprenant qu'il n'y ait pas de vie sur Mars."

"Cependant, contrairement aux organismes terrestres, les champignons martiens, les moisissures, les algues et d'autres formes de vie putatives auraient évolué et seraient déjà adaptés aux basses températures, à la disponibilité intermittente de l'eau, à de faibles quantités d'oxygène libre et à des niveaux élevés de rayonnement qui caractérise l'environnement martien difficile."

Les chercheurs ont ajouté: "La croissance, le mouvement, les altérations de l'emplacement et de la forme, constituent un comportement et, associés à une morphologie réaliste, soutiennent fortement l'hypothèse qu'il y a de la vie sur Mars."

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Parmi les auteurs de l’étude se trouve le Dr Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, un neurobiologiste connu pour son implication dans la pseudo revue Journal of Cosmology - un titre qui a suscité la controverse dans le passé.

How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously

May 8th 2021 at 15:07

This is an article from The New Yorker last week by Gideon Lewis Kraus. It provides quite a bit of insight and name drops most of the main players who seek disclosure. It consumed most of yesterdays lunch hour and was a thoroughly gripping read. I totally recommend this read.

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UK Sighting over multiple years

May 8th 2021 at 14:10

Staffordshire - Midlands, UK Approx 1996

I lived in a small village growing up and our house was connected to woodland and pasture farmland extending from the rear garden to a rise on the back field which gave views over the village and beyond.

My Father, my brother and I took our Dalmatian for a walk, usual run around, around the perimeter of the field, past the oak trees and up to the rise.. when we got to the top of the rise we all stopped and saw this -clear as day- half oval shaped object glinting in the sun.. it was perfectly smooth and metallic with the sun glinting of its exterior, no movement and just hanging there.. it was maybe 500meters up and overhead. We just stood and stared at it. Totally cloudless day, bright sunshine. We watched until it literally disappeared in front of our eyes.. I ran back to the house feeling totally terrified and told my mother and grandma in the kitchen who thought I was making things up and then my Father and brother returned and both of them told them exactly the same story!!

Then when I was a little older, maybe early 2000’s.. an older lady who lived a few doors down from us, her house also backed onto our field; She called my Father saying that the previous night she had woken up, gone to the bathroom (which was an old cottage privy at the end of her garden) in the early hours of the morning. As she walked out she can see the field and what looks like several torch lights moving around in the field.. worried, she continued watching but the lights came together and swirled over the field for several minutes until they moved together in a circle towards the woods backing our house and instead of moving through the lifted up and rose over the woodland and disappeared!!!

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Supposedly big news is coming this month on UAPs, according to Lue Elizondo...

May 8th 2021 at 12:58

What are people's opinions on what this news is going to be? Lue makes it pretty clear the news will be wild and possibly hard to swallow. I believe it's going to be along the lines of an announcement that intelligent life in the universe, or even here on earth that we didn't know about, has been discovered. What do you think?

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The Earth Alliance

By Ron Giles

The Earth Alliance

There are a lot of RV and Alliance related questions that could be answered by oneself if, indeed, a person really comprehends who the Earth Alliance really is. As always, this info is my knowing from my research and receivings. If the message resonates with you, then it was meant for you. If not let it be and disregard it,


At 9:00 o’clock AM, way back in September 2001, we had 9-11 and the destruction of the Twin Towers and Tower #7. The earth found out that the Deep State is deadly serious about maintaining control over the earth, even to the point that they will kill or destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way. At 10:00 AM, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to publicly announce NESARA, the new law that was the remedy for the illegal activities of the banking industry in cahoots with the government. This public announcement would fulfill the requirements to bring NESARA into Positive Law.


The banks and the government illegally foreclosed on family farms in the Midwest. These farms were owned by Allodial Title giving Land Patents to the farms. (A land Patent gives legal protection against illegal land grabbers) It is illegal to foreclose on any property owned with Allodial Title. (The USA Inc. thinks they own the land when they foreclosed on the Federal Republic. They do not honor our property rights.) A property with this kind of title can only be transferred by the property owner voluntarily; meaning that it cannot be taken away by any other means. The properties in question were pledged to the banks by the unknowing, innocent owner as security for a loan. They had no option, pledge the land, or no loan. Forfeiture of the property was written into the loan if not paid back on time. This was against the law; the banks knew it and the County Clerks from the County Governments knew it as well. The clerks recorded the transfer of title to the banks without the voluntary signature of the legal owner. It was pure fraud perpetrated and justified by the illegal foreclosure of America to the USA, Inc.

Consequentially, the NESARA law would be put on hold for the next 20 years. A meticulous plan with military precision had to be put into place to right this wrong by the illegal Central Bank System that has put America into the debt slavery that now exists.

Has anybody publicly asked a politician who we owe the National Debt to? Who loaned the USA the money they created out of thin air and then charged us interest on the money? The Culprit: The Federal Reserve Bank, a private organization owned by thirteen banking families. This is the greatest government-sponsored travesty ever committed against mankind on this earth.

ALL of our Income Tax goes to pay the debt on the Federal Reserve loans. We can never pay off the debt, the Fed does not want the loans paid off, they just want their interest payments. Approximately 20% to 30% of the income of the American people goes to these thirteen families. The question is why? Who is looking out for the interests of the people, certainly not any of our highly esteemed but crooked Politicians? JFK tried - they shot him.

The Central Bank has tentacles into every facet of our Republic. There is no way we can or could ever get out from under these Satanic Demons. They control the world as well. Who can help us? Who can defeat these soulless miscreants? Millions of prayers, for hundreds of years, have gone out asking God to help us. Divine timing is everything.

In His mercy, our God Source has moved into place, a plan that will defeat these Demons that have a death hold on mankind. Did the plan just start? No, it’s been in play for hundreds if not thousands of years. The plan is to destroy the evil amongst us and bring on the Golden Age of Mankind. The good vs evil contrast takes time to see and then to make a choice about. It's not God's fault, so he has/had a plan for us all along.

The Earth Alliance is formed; who are they?

1. Ascended Masters, (including Jesus, Mohamad, St Germain, Buddha, etc.) Angels, and other Celestial Entities from the Spiritual Realms including the Higher Self, or Oversoul of all Light Workers. This is our personal connection to the Alliance, every Human has one.

2. Benevolent Extraterrestrials from advanced Star Systems some of whose inhabitants have incarnated on the earth at this time to help us succeed.

3. Boots on the ground White Hats consisting of militaries from around the world and a sampling of Heads of State and other world leaders.

1. The Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Celestial Entities from the Spiritual non-physical Realms.

Each of these groups has come with its own powers that provide a complete blanket of protection for the plan to succeed. It was not just to defeat the enemy. it was to start a new Earth that serves Mankind. The benefits include a new system of governance; NESARA and GESARA law and a new Financial system that serves the needs of the people; The Quantum Financial System.

The Heavenly Realms engaged their best to assist with the demise of those who have taken away our freedom of choice and to pursue life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is basic in our Constitutional Rights. The heavens came with the ability to know all persons on the earth; to know their needs and wants, their talents and their knowledge, and also their hearts. They also had knowledge of where the enemy resides and how to terminate their despicable hatred of humans and remove them from this part of creation. It must be said that they came to stop the Satanist and rescue the children and those who have been trafficked for sexual activities. I’m sure glad they are here to create justice for those precious souls who have been tortured, killed, and sexually abused. The Human Race is not here to support their Satanic Rituals anymore. That’s God’s decree.

2. Benevolent Extraterrestrials and their Technologies.

Extraterrestrials came with advanced weaponry that could be used by earthlings. They also came with the Universal Rules of Engagement. They cannot engage our enemies for us but can assist us with their technologies. However, they can engage the enemy if they are asked to when things are beyond the White Hats' abilities to fight the enemy’s superior technology.

The plan included the employment of warriors on both sides of the veil. The highest technology must be available to find and defeat the entrenched enemy. The evil has technology far beyond the ability of the earthbound warriors to defeat, so this technology had to be imported from advanced, benevolent Star Systems, that had technology that is proven effective against intruders. Their technology was not offensive weapons of war, but rather they were weapons of defense based on love and self-determination. This avoided any Karmic liability.

3. The White Hats and other earthlings that includes President Trump, President Jinping, and President Putin, and many other world leaders.

The White Hats include many militaries of the world that are considered the boots on the ground. These people are bearing the major burden of engaging the enemy. These are the ones who are human and put themselves in harm's way for the good of mankind. Can you imagine the horror of going into a dark tunnel to find the enemy, go through a firefight to terminate the cowards who have been hurting our children, and then see the broken, tortured, and gruesome bodies of the children as they hang onto what semblance of life they have left? Vomit bags are issued with their combat gear. Let’s hope these brave men and women can find a med bed to erase their minds so they can come home to their families and have a somewhat normal life. The children and other victims will be taken care of, that is for sure. They are in the hands of God’s loving Earth Alliance.

That is the Alliance. These are the elements of the Alliance's structure. It is not hard to see that we are in good hands. As we wait (im)patiently while the brave men and women are winning the battle, let us resolve to dedicate our lives and our funds to finish the battle against poverty and the tragedies that mankind has endured at the hands of these sub-human miscreants. Our time will come when God will unleash His army of lightworkers with the heart to bring freedom to His people of earth. We are part of the plan. We are connected to the Alliance. We will show up.

Ron Giles

Did aliens tell a redditor about bending/warping space time?

May 8th 2021 at 09:42

I had never seen the post by u/Throawaylien until the other day but I can't get this point out of my head. In light of some (valid, as in, from serious scientific minds not just conjecture) theories being thrown around to explain how they got here, this quote really stands out. When they talk about "close to the side" are they talking about bending space-time?

Their planet is, so they told me anyway, a very long way away. They couldn't explain to me how far, they said, because it was too far for me to understand and it was also "close to the side". I have no idea what that meant, but it's always stuck with me. Home is "Too far away for you to understand, but also close to the side."

A lot of things about this report fall into the 'typical' things that people say, that someone yanking our chain might have read elsewhere or seen in a movie or been just the product of a fertile imagination. That statement is an odd one to add IMO, and I don't know why someone would make it up as it adds/explains nothing in the context that we were discussing this 7 years ago. Yet this poster says it stuck with him/her like it was an important point.

I guess July is coming up shortly lol so we'll see.

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